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I launched my own website initially for blogging in the year 2004. Since then, my website experienced frequent makeovers, layout changes and data losses due to cyber-attacks. I stopped maintaining my blog publicly on my website since 2013. I realized that most of the issues were due to my usage of drupal CMS for my website. I also realized that I do not need 95% of features of drupal. After 6 years of contemplating migrating out of drupal, finally I switched to a leaner CMS solution - OctoberCMS.

The blog section here contains some of my very old blog posts that I salvaged from my older website using The Wayback Machine. I am still trying to salvage some more old blogs from my database backups. I am retaining these blogs merely for nostalgic purposes - to remember what I used to be, back then.

While revamping this website, I realized the need to streamline the content and my workflow - the result of which are my other two websites:

  • Useful Perl One-Liners

    Posted in Perl on Jun 30, 2020

    My collection of useful one-liner scripts in Perl.

  • Introduction to Linux IPC mechanisms

    Posted in Linux System Programming on Jun 30, 2020

    A gentle introductory article about various IPC mechanisms supported by Linux

  • Version Control using Git - A two-day open-house training by Mr. Noufal Ibrahim @ Bengaluru

    Posted on Oct 11, 2011

    My friend Mr. Noufal Ibrahim just announced a public (open-house) training on Version Control using Git at the Millenia, Bengaluru on October 22nd 2011 and October 23rd 2011.

    More details at the following URL:

    Git Training by Mr. Noufal Ibrahim

    Please do spread the word around :-)

  • Weekend modular training program on Core Python Programming

    Posted on Feb 03, 2011

    Hi All,

    On behalf of Slashprog Technologies, I’m organizing a 40 hour weekend training program on Core Python programming starting from February 5th, 2011 (Saturday). The details of this training program are as below: Course duration: 40 hours (5 hours per module x 8 weekends) Course span: 2 months, 8 weekends (approximately).

    The training program will be conducted on every Saturday between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

    The first introductory training module is FREE for all and is scheduled on February 5th, 2011 (Saturday) between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at our office venue.

    Kindly do refer to your friends/co...

  • Extending Python using C - A open-house training by Mr. Noufal Ibrahim @ Bengaluru

    Posted on Nov 25, 2010

    My friend Mr. Noufal Ibrahim just announced a public (open-house) training on Extending Python using C at Regus Business Centre - MG Road, Bengaluru on January 8th 2011 and January 9th 2011.

    I personally know Mr. Noufal Ibrahim since the IRC days (year 2000) as a brilliant developer/programmer with passion for Python programming. He has contributed immensely to various projects on Python/related technology in FOSS. He is known for his active involvement in the Python community mainly in India, and has been the lead organizer of PyCon India Conference (2009, 2010).

    More details about his traini...

  • Trainer's Union project has finally gathered momentum!

    Posted on Nov 24, 2010

    It was an idea of mine about 3 years back to create a business networking vertical around trainers and the training industry - to get trainers from all over the world (technical and non-technical trainers) into a community where they can interact and to provide a list of usability features (schedule calendar, contact network, references, profile and so on) and address common issues that most trainers would face in day-to-day activities. In simple words - my plan was to create a resource-hub site for trainers.

    Now, with a team of people that I trained @ Slashprog Technologies, this project has ...

  • My company website is largely functional now

    Posted on Sep 01, 2010

    Finally, I managed to put together all pending efforts to get my company website up and working. Well - its in a perpetual beta mode right now. A lot of work is still pending. But it must be largely usable right now (with some rough edges - of course).

    As an update, I will be conducting full-time (8 hours stretch) fast track training programs on a couple of technologies starting this month. More information about it can be found at

    Be sure to tune into to get the latest updates on training programs that I conduct at my office premi...

  • Free weekend bootcamp on Python - a great start!

    Posted on Apr 13, 2010

    After a very long time (close to 4 years), I managed to use my weekend for conducting a free python bootcamp as a jump-start for my new venture. Like the previous times, the training hall went full-house with lots of enthusiastic people willing to learn Python programming.

    Python weekend bootcamp participants at Slashprog

    Special thanks to Mr. T. Shrinivasan - an active LUG member of ILUG-Chennai and Kanchi-LUG (and yes, my old student and a good friend) for inviting members of Kanchi LUG for the bootcamp. He also helped me in logistics and other arrangements for this bootcamp!

    I would also li...

  • Jump-starting my company the coming week

    Posted on Apr 04, 2010

    Finally, I've planned to jump-start my company operations from the coming week. To mark the start, I've announced free bootcamp on Python over this weekend (April 10th, 2010 and April 11th, 2010) to the relevant lists with people interested in learning the language (more details on Its been a lengthy and hectic weekend - my stint at bringing up my company website on drupal has not been fruitful. A lot of work to be done and too less time in my hands.

    Let me hope that I get enough time to work on finishing all my pe...

  • My race to the third quadrant!

    Posted on Mar 08, 2010

    I started my career as a casual employee - that is, I did my first job (as a computer hardware and networking trainer back in '95) for two reasons. Firstly, to spend maximum time at the computer lab in order to learn and enjoy assembly and C programming. Secondly, to improve my confidence in communication and people-to-people interaction. I moved onto full-time employment as a systems programmer for a short-while to test my actual programming skills and my ability to work on full-time basis in a typical software company.

    After a short stint at being employed full-time, I decided to take a gian...