Linux Administration For Web Masters

This is an advanced training program for web-masters competent with UNIX/Linux concepts. It provides coverage on web servers that include Apache httpd, Lighttpd, thttpd and TuX web server, CGI, FastCGI, mod_perl/mod_python/mod_ruby configuration, PHP integration, ModSecurity, SSL configuration (HTTPS) using OpenSSL and GNU TLS, VirtualHost configuration, URL Rewriting, performance tuning, load-balancing and reverse caching proxy configuration. It also covers databases that include MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite installation, configuration, performance tuning, clustering and migration, web based management tools that include Cpanel, PHPMyAdmin/PHPpgAdmin. Webmin, Remote management techniques using OpenSSH, Screen, VNC and Remote X11 forwarding. Linux system performance tuning, optimization and security hardening procedures.