Terms and Conditions that apply for corporate training programs that I conduct.

The following terms and conditions apply for all corporate training programs that I conduct:

  1. My pricing (charges) for training programs largely depend on the technology. I'm only interested in catering to clients who require quality trainers without compromising on pricing. Kindly email me your training requirements and I shall send you a price quote for the same.
  2. First class accommodation and travel expenses shall be borne by the client and/or training organizer for training programs that are to be conducted out of Chennai city.
  3. Training programs that are scheduled at locations farther than 300 Kilometers from Chennai city (or places that require more than 4 hours journey by train/bus) shall be sponsored with return flight by the client and/or training vendor.
  4. Training vendors/organizers shall not use, distribute, copy, store, modify nor transmit my training profile in any medium without my prior approval.
  5. I will not entertain any attempts that include masking or deleting my contact details or other credible information on my training profile document by training vendors. I believe and expect transparency in all business dealings and shall with immediate effect, terminate all business relationships with the training vendor on failure to abide by my terms and conditions.
  6. Schedule for training programs once confirmed by me, shall not be changed or re-scheduled without my prior approval.
  7. Schedule for training programs are to be confirmed atleast 15 days before its commencement. Urgent training requirements could only be scheduled based on my availability.
  8. For training programs scheduled outside India, the client or the training vendor must arrange for travel visa and related documentation, return air travel and stay from Chennai (India)
  9. Training schedule shall be confirmed by me only after receiving the advance payment or upon receiving the Purchase/Service Order by the client.
  10. Training organizers/vendors engaging me on training assignments with their clients must send full payment via post-dated cheque (dated not later than the last day of training program) before the commencement of training program. I will confirm dates and appropriately block my calendar only upon receiving the PDC and the flight itineraries (as applicable).
  11. For training assignments organized outside India by client/training vendors abroad, 25% of total training charges must be wire transferred to my bank account in order to confirm the training assignment. The pending amount must be wire transferred to my bank account on successful completion of the first day of the training session.
  12. Training materials and/or other freebies (to be provided to each participant attending the training session) shall be borne at the expense of the client or the training organizer. Training materials shall be provided by me in soft-copy which can be replicated by the client or training organizer and distributed to the participants appropriately at the end of the training program.

For further clarifications, you can contact me on the following number:

Kindly note that if I do not attend to phone calls, it is very likely that I might be busy in a training session. You can leave an SMS on my mobile number, if you want me to call back.