Personal website of Yash. K. S. ( - A system programming guru with indepth knowledge of code disassembly, reverse engineering, security analysis, and love for anything that ties down to the Operating System's kernel. He's highly specialized on the Microsoft technology. We are great friends, almost always contradicting each other's philosophy on Open Source Vs. Closed Source, and end up agreeing that variety is good for us ;-).

Over the years of my stay at Chennai, I used to devote my weekends and free time in training Linux, Shell Scripting, Perl and other FOSS technologies and have managed to build a network of students who are now professionals, active LUG volunteers and promoters of FOSS activities in/around chennai. Some of them managed to have their own on-line identity and have credited me for my efforts! I thank them all, and also many others who though do not maintain their own blogs/websites (or atleast I dont know that they do) still stay in touch with me, have promoted me onto various companies for freelance work and corporate training and have immensely helped in building my identity in the FOSS arena.

Some of the websites/blogs of my students are as listed below:
Shrinivasan T

Bala Vignesh

Deepan Chakravarthy

Tha. Suresh

Ramachandran V.

Rakesh Mohanan

Kiran Kumar


Rajeswari S.

Yogesh Kannan

A few of my memorable students [now, good friends ;-)] who do not have their online blog/website (or perhaps I dont know that they do), but still in touch and have been memorable:

  • Saura Ramachandran (Songbird Technologies, Chennai)
  • Narasimhan V (Yahoo, Bangalore)
  • Harish S (SpikeSource, Bangalore)
  • Vasudevan RK (Scope International, Chennai)
  • Swaminathan (ELCOT, Chennai)
  • Palani (ReDIM Software, Chennai)
  • Rajesh (Sans Bound Solutions, Chennai)
  • Nagalingam (Sans Bound Solutions, Chennai)
  • Manoj Kumar S (Faculty at St. Joseph's Engineering College, Chennai)
  • Franklin Thomas (, Chennai)
  • Sundaram S (Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai)

Are you my student and have I missed you out on the list ? Speak up! Remind me! You know that my memory is as good as the legacy 1.44 MB floppy diskette ;-)